Pig outdoor package 5 kg


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In a bucolic setting, I raise my pigs in the open air, (about twenty a year) All the productions are carried out within the framework of a sustainable approach, respecting living beings and the environment, in order to provide you with a healthy and quality product. The animals are slaughtered in an approved slaughterhouse and the meats prepared by a master craftsman butcher.
Sales are pre-ordered: Once paid, your package is reserved for you on the next production. As soon as the parcel is ready, we contact you to deliver it to you.

*possibility to freeze your package if you are not available on the day of delivery.

Packaged under vacuum, the pieces of meat contained in a package are:

- 1 kg boneless roast
- 1kg bone roast
- ribs chine and first
- 12 sausages with Guérande salt
- 12 chipolatas
- sliced country pâté