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The rock flowers

These timeless flowers will bring a creative touch to your interior decoration. Hand-crafted, each one is unique and has its own personality. Unity in a living room or bouquet, they bring an artistic touch to your style and never fade.

They are made from cellulose pulp mounted on a stainless steel rod and covered with a natural varnish which tightens them against the humidity of the air. Hand-crafted, each one is unique and has its own personality. It is by studying the history of cardboard that I found this old recipe that made the beautiful days of cardboard. I improved this recipe with the materials of today, but each component is natural and privileges the respect of the environment.

Currently in two colors, red or black, you can either make a bouquet of the same color or make a cooler.

They are delivered by chronopost in a resistant package and packed individually.

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